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3A panel

Introduction of 3A Panel

3A panel is compounded by three layer Aluminum sheets. Top Aluminum sheet is coated with excellent weather resistance TiO2 coating or PVDF coating as decoration and protective finish, Middle Aluminum sheet is processed into both sides interlaced, evenly arrangement hollow and trapezoid column overhanging block with concave-convex, Bottom Aluminum sheet is cleaned completely and made chemosynthesis treatment on the surface.?
3A panel adopts full dimensions 3 layer structure and continue to use our special mature bonding technology, the attenuation rate of peeling strength is less than 5% within 20 years.
3A panel combines the advantages of several kinds of metal composite panel. It possesses excellent evenness, light weight and high strength, small change rate of compression resistance, unique texture, outstanding weather resistance, easy to process, superior fire resistance, high depreciation recovery rate etc.
Since 3A Panel adopts unique edge folding at the corner structure, not only improved bending resistance, wind-load resistance and fatigue life of cyclic loading of materials, but also further increased waterproof, anti-corrosive, penetration resistance and working life of curtain wall.?

Specification of 3A Panel?

3A panel?


Basic parameter?

Basic Material ? ?


Metal Aluminum Panel

Coating ?


TiO2?coating (?PVDF coating or wood-like film are available if choose other colors)

Color ?


?Several standard colors (color chart for 3A panel) 30 kinds of non standard colors are also available (refer to color chart of ALUTILE Aluminum Composite panel)



1220mm, 1570mm (Max.)

? Length?

2440mm or as per client’s request.

? Thickness?

3mm, 4mm or 6mm

Fire Class


excellent fireproof resistance for A2 Class?

Application scope ?

Metal Curtain Wall, Interior wall integrated panel, Public building’s over length strip (≥6m) for ceiling, Functional special panels(Engine room, Operating theatre), special panel for internal cabins of boat.

Advantage of 3A Panel

* High smoothness, small rate of wind pressure change?

3A panel with multi composite layer has wonderful strength weight ratio. Uniform distribution of the middle layer’s evenly arrangement hollow and trapezoid column overhanging block makes 3A panel in biggest stress with lightest weight. Its wind resistance performance is much better than aluminum composite panel and solid aluminum panel.?

* Super strong corrosion resistance, perfect self-cleaning performance

Based on TiO2 coating’s super strong corrosion resistance and coating adhesive force, 3A panel has great advantages on the pollution resistance and weather resistance which can resist the acid rain, air pollution and UV.?
3A panel adopt special Ti coating technology and preserve the color over 30 years.?

* Various shapes, Meet the beauty of individuality

Cut, bore & mill, curve at random as per client’s request to fully express the idea of designer.

* Superior fire resistance, meet the requirement of fire protection.

Main material of 3A is non-combustible, completely meet fire proof standard for curtain wall.

* Light weight, Easy to process and install

Easy to transport for its light weight, simple installation method, convenient and efficient.?
Apparently shorten the project period without limited by climate, season and environment.

The comparsion of characteristics between 3A Panel and other metallic cladding materials

?Application Scope


3A panel is widely used in airport, high-speed railway, metro, light rail, museum, archives center, conference and exhibition center, commercial complexes, high-grade office buildings, hotels and other public buildings and commercial buildings for high-end metal wall decoration.?



* First choice for functional-requirement machine room, medical operating room, precise instrument room, database's interior and exterior decoration; ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? * Special decoration for High-Speed railway's carriage, yacht, ship's interior decoration.



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